Konya is one of the most important trade routes in the history of the world. It is an important city in every period. In fact, Konya, which was the capital of the Anatolian Seljuk State for 211 years between 1097 and 1308, had a critical place in agriculture, trade and cultural life.

Konya Chamber of Commerce was established in 1882 and Konya Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in 1926, as a result of the revival of industrial and commercial life in Konya and the expansion of planned development policies throughout the country. Konya manufacturing industry has developed rapidly with the private sector investments made in this period. Organized Industrial Zones built in the city centre and small industrial sites in the central and districts were the main factors that accelerated this development.

With the developments in the manufacturing industry and the increase in production-oriented investments, Konya Chamber of Industry was established on 25 April 1974 at Konaltaş İşhanı with 165 industrialist members in 8 professional groups. The institutional structure was established with the long and intensive work of the founding board members of Konya Chamber of Industry Ali Akkaya, Hüseyin Alaybeyi, Abdurrahman Öznalcilar, Fethi Tunçalp and Necati Yilmaz.
With the establishment of the Konya Chamber of Industry, the institutional development of the Konya industry has accelerated and the city has become one of the most important industrial centres in Anatolia, especially after the outward opening period after 1980.

Konya Chamber of Industry has shown its determination to achieve strategic goals in order to contribute more to the industry of the city and the country beyond the duties assigned to it by law and it has become a reputable, solution-oriented institution. In order to increase the global competitiveness of the Konya industry, projects have been carried out in many areas including cluster, R & D, innovation, export and productivity. Innopark Technology Development Zone was established within the scope of efforts to establish a strong production ecosystem. Innopark, where innovation and production-oriented research and studies are carried out, is one of the first techno cities established in the Organized Industrial Zone.

In addition, it supports industrial policies of our country and plays an active role in the formation of policies. It has actively participated in projects that play an important role in our regional and national development such as increasing localization rates in the defence industry, increasing capacity utilization rates, employment mobilization campaigns, developing domestic automobiles and components, and SME’s loans.

Each success, knowledge and experience opened new horizons with healthy communication between institutions and the public. This synergy provided with other institutions has led to the increase in the production of the city, the development of its exports, the attracting of domestic and international investments to the city, and the acquisition of a main industry investment in a strategic sector such as defence industry.

Konya Chamber of Industry would be able to contribute to increase the level of production, investment, social, cultural, economic and scientific development in the region. It will continue to be the bridge between the Konya industry and the world with the mission of providing solution-oriented, fair, high quality, fast and economic services.